Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't Run, Jenn, Don't Run.

Boo. Chiro said same as podiatrist, most likely tendonitis, cannot rule out stress fracture, only time will tell. Oh well, at least I got the okay to go ahead with core and strength training since the back is doing better. And chiro is going to give me ultrasound and electrical stim on my ankle and shin to hopefully speed up the healing process.

Today I did core stuff: 150 crunches, 40 squirms, 40 unsupported dead bugs, and 50 oblique twists. Followed it up with 40 girly pushups. Not the same as running, but at least it is something. I always have to remind myself how important stretching and strength training are. Unfortunately, I don't enjoy those as much as I do running and biking. Oh well, might as well work on it now since it is all I can do.

Both docs think the cause of my problems is the indoor track. The frequent turns and banking around the corners is apparently not good, especially since you have to keep running in the same direction. Once I am cleared to run again, I cannot run the turns on the track. I can run the straight aways, but must walk all the turns. Looks like I might need to learn how to tolerate the dreadmill eventually. Bleah.

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