Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mind was willing, body not able

Today, it was beautiful, 50 degrees, in Chicago, in January, AGAIN. Tomorrow? Anywhere from a few inches to a foot of snow, depending who you listen to. Ick. I was totally psyched to run today, but my body just is not capable of running three days in a row right now. Funny how carrying an extra 150 pounds or so can make that difficult. So, I took a day off from running. My heel needed a break, and I need to be able to walk.

My plantar fasciitis seems to be easing a bit. I spent all day icing and rolling a golf or tennis ball under my foot to try to loosen everything up. I'm able to walk without much pain right now, which is fabulous. Hopefully by the time I am able to go for another run (I'm hoping for tomorrow) it will have calmed down even more.

Since I didn't run today, I made sure to get my push-ups in, 2x20 girly push-ups, and two - count 'em - TWO regular push-ups. They weren't done in succession, but they were done! Yay me! Also did my core work - 150 crunches, 60 unsupported dead bugs, 60 oblique twists, and one bridge, held for about a minute, maybe more.

Eating has been on track, hit my points right on the nose today. Even had enough points for one piece of the crack that is my gram's peanut butter fudge... Yummmm. I need to indulge every now and then to keep my sanity. (Though some may argue that is a lost cause!)

My plan for tomorrow? To run of course. I may join the park district gym as well, as the snow and ice is going to make it unsafe for me to run outside unless the sidewalks are cleared. I know lots of people who love running in the snow. I don't know how I feel about it, I just know with my back problems (spinal fusion) and arthritis, it's not a good idea for me to run when I may fall. I might not get back up!

Until tomorrow!

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