Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Weigh Day!

And a good one at that! Down 1.6 pounds! Yay me! Now to get a tape measure so I can start tracking my inches too. I hope I can continue this trend! I need to be better about tracking my food this week too. I did well, but I always tend to underestimate what I eat and tracking helps keep me honest.

Went to the gym today and ran 1.63 miles. I'm having a lot of trouble with shin splints on the indoor track. A wise running friend of mine told me it is probably a result of the track surface and the repeated, tight turns. I biked 8.3 miles on the stationary bike afterwards to help stretch out my calves and shins, and they feel much better now. I think I will be sticking to short runs as long as I am confined to indoors. I will supplement with the bike and the elliptical in the meantime. It might warm up enough by Thursday for me to attempt an outdoor run again! (Here's hoping!)

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