Thursday, January 12, 2012


I had a fabulous run this morning, one of my best ever since I started running in September. I felt great, I was moving good, I was sure I had set a new personal record for pace on this run, so I checked my Garmin as I was winding down my run, and the darn thing wasn't on. FML. So, I finally named my Garmin. Meet Nimrod. Why Nimrod? Because Nimrod only acts up on my best runs. While there is a slight huge chance it is user error, it's also possibly due to the extremely overcast conditions with the impending snow storm. Oh well, even by estimating the time, it was still one of my best runs ever. I think I was conservative on my estimate too. 3.12 in 50 or 53-ish minutes. Not bad when just a few months ago it took me well over an hour.

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